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Test Data Management

Test Data Management

Data is becoming more and more sensitive every day. The relationship of data and privacy is also getting complicated and maybe worse for some. Having a good quality information in the backpack is standing just before the finish line and crossing that finish line, you need Test Data Management by AMQAExperts. We push a little harder to ensure your business functions appropriately and efficiently in any test environment. The duplicity of the production data can bring your business into serious trouble with privacy and compliance risks. In the absence of an accurate test data management strategy, you may end up risking your testing process and spending a fortune on infrastructure.

Our experts keep a sharp eye on what data is being manipulated under standard and unique scenarios and provide a complete testing report so that it is rectified immediately.

Test Data Management

Test Data Planning

  • Brainstorming data source
  • Understand data features & functionality.
  • Consuming test data needs.

Test Data Planning

  • Tools
  • Strategy
  • Management Plan
  • Focused ROI

Test Data Provisioning

  • Source data Cloning
  • Source data subsets
  • Scrambling & Masking of Test Data

Test Data Population

  • Housekeeping test data
  • Real-time data refreshing
  • Increase in test data population
  • Archive of test data
AMQAExperts methodology brings an end to end test data management solution
for businesses with following features
  • Giving a real-time load to the app while non-functional testing
  • Simulation of a real user interaction with your app
  • Simulation of unique scenarios

AMQAExperts provides you the opportunity to create an entirely flexible test data as per your requisites for testing techniques which can help you to match the absolute requirement without messing with any sensitive data.

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