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Automation Testing

Before choosing Automation Testing, there are always some queries in your mind. You are always welcome to ping us at AMQAExperts, and we would be happy to solve your queries. Now, let’s get acquainted with our Automation Testing services.

Automation Testing is the best tool to save time and cost together on a long-term basis. Our selection of tools depends on various factors like your business size, business goals, the scope of testing in your project, and ultimately what will be the skillset of the user of your app. Our patterned Automation Testing strategy is very well designed with the help of mentors who have immense experience and knowledge in the field of Quality Assurance. Our ultimate goal is to provide an easy maintenance to the client with a very cost effective solutions.There are multiple benefits of Test Automation which can be understood as Multiple Platform testing, Time Saver, Cost efficient, Sufficient resource utilization, Enhanced testing quality and much more.

Automation Testing

A team of specialists at AMQAExperts consists of testers who are well-versed with all the tools & frameworks recognized in the industry. Their journey is no different from ours, starting from the base and reaching sky high. Altogether, we try to provide the values to our clients.

AMQAExperts Advanced Test Automation strategy includes
  • Creation & execution of Automation test script
  • Selection of tools, concept & implementation proof
  • Evaluating the need of automation and application scenario
  • Generating flexible execution options for regression test suites
  • Evaluation of current automation solutions (if any)
  • Empowering & handing over the automation test pack to the client for further sustenance

AMQAExperts Fundamentals

  • The process initiates right from the start with comprehensive automation evaluation to achieve a precise automation strategy and RoI.
  • Focusing on reusability and easy to maintain to lower the cost.
  • Implement & support integration to achieve complete traceability and automation lifecycle.
  • Maestro in all the open source & commercial Automation tools for web, mobile & desktop applications.
  • Customized test reports with amazing UI.

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