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Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance testing has been a crucial need to make your app free from critical defects. For a seamless user experience, the performance of your app must be rated excellent under any given circumstances. The situations can vary from Operating systems, devices, etc. but the experience of the user should not be disruptive as it damages the brand reputation. Performance testing is done over technologies and domains, including n-tier & web-based applications, client-server applications, SOA-based and COTS solutions.

AMQAExperts helps you to understand the defects naturally and with our detailed reporting system that involves reaction times, break-point, high load, memory leaks, resource usage, uptime, and so on., to keep you aware of what all needs to be changed and is being bug-free. The focus of Performance Testing is on the special occasions like New year’s offer, Thanksgiving giveaways, Christmas freebies, etc., days on which the traffic is too loud compared to the whole year.

Performance Testing

At this moment of mass earnings, if your app fails to deliver the performance, the user would never come back. Additional with this, we also guarantee that the applications can meet any legally binding commitments and SLAs for the execution.

How AMQAExperts can offer assistance:
  • Benchmarking the performance of your application.
  • Testing performance to ensure the response time is under limits.
  • Full support in setting up online monitoring arrangements.
  • We help you distinguish all business-critical scenarios.
  • Availability & Reliability test of your application.
  • Make reusable solutions to check the performance of your application and servers.

Why AMQAExperts:

  • Our testing & detecting starts at an early stage under the scalable stage.
  • Depending upon the load and performance issues, we optimize the cost to be efficient.
  • Accessible documentation to help understand our client real-time application behavior.
  • Our pricing is the best as per industry standards that ultimately gives an incredible RoI with access to our natural resources available.
  • Full range of resources available with expertise in open source, proprietary, and third-party tools.
  • Complete fair and confident dealings with full clarity

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