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What is manual software testing?

In manual software testing, tests cases are done manually. The testers manually execute test cases without using any automation tools. It's the most fundamental testing type in all available testing methods and is used to detect bugs in the software.

There's no use of any automated tool during the testing process. Tests are done by keeping the end-user prospect in mind. Testing helps to ensure whether the software/app is working as mentioned in the document or is failing to do so. The manual software tester keeps the end user's perspective into consideration while checking the performance of the software/app. The objective of manual testing is to confirm that the system performs according to specified requirements with no bugs or failure. In the age of automation, Manual software testing is crucial to gauge the quality of the developed software before it is pushed into the production pipeline.

Why is Manual testing important?

If not, by Manual testing then how can you be sure of the performance, quality, design of your developed software, apps, and devices?

Though automation provides benefits with reusability, accuracy, repeatability and time-saving, still, manual testing is an inevitable procedure and an extremely important aspect of any functional testing. Manual testing checks and confirms the usability of your software/apps/devices and how well-performing they are for your users.

Hence, it is important to manually test your software's performance. To know that the software, apps or devices you have designed and developed are flawless. Manual testing affirms that your software is good to go into the final stages of production. It's better to be sure of your software's quality by double-checking your apps, devices, and software with the help of Manual Testing. Along with the rigorous testing procedures, you will require a high skill set for viable functional testing. This can be obtained from hiring professional manual testing services from experts.

Benefits of Manual Testing

  • Softwares are manually tested to discover the flaws in software applications.
  • Manual testing can detect some unusual and crucial bugs with the help of instincts, logical inferences, reasoning, and subtle nuances that any individual tester possesses.
  • Through Manual testing, you can explore software to identify bugs and failures.
  • Despite being time-consuming manual testing is a cost-effective process.
  • Manual testing is preferable in executing UI test cases and short-term test cases that are required to run once or twice.
  • Manual testing is quite flexible.
  • Manual testing, when involved in the early stages of software development, lowers the expense in software development and helps develop a good quality software/app.
  • The main benefit of manual testing is that it enhances the overall UI of your app/software from the end-users perspective.

Types of Manual Testing

There are many different types of manual testing available:

Black-box Testing

Regression Testing

System Testing

Integration Testing

Acceptance Testing

Manual Testing Tools

The most popular tools required to perform manual software testing are:





Adobe Test Studio

Manual Testing Services

Businesses understand the value of quality assurance and software testing. Manual testing is the best way to find out flaws in a software application.

Cost-effective and high-quality manual testing of software, apps and devices is very reliable and is more likely to detect real user issues.

What you should expect from our manual testing services?

Proper Manual Testing needs definitive skill sets and expertise and is an extremely challenging task. Testing a software/app for possible use cases with the least test cases and to achieve this outcome the software tester must demonstrate high analytical skills.

AMQA Experts provides an exceptional mix of the testing process because we have acquired mastery in various testing tools and techniques. Our experts have excellent information in the testing domain. We hold ourselves accountable for the entire testing process - right from creating a test plan and giving support after production.

As a team of highly skilled professionals in quality assurance and software testing, we ensure a seamless experience for the user-end through our test process and results. Our experience of testing products from various industries counts in building our expertise. As we easily detect severe bugs by designing and building unique test cases.

Our testing services include:

  • Compatibility testing
  • Test Case creation
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Multi-Platform testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • Software product testing
  • Device testing
  • W3C/HIG compliance testing

We are well versed with all leading tools for managing tests, detecting defects, test data and application life cycle, etc.

We provide daily, weekly and monthly status reports that give detailed data of test executions, analysis, dashboard, etc.

Proper defect documentation is done and provided to our clients. This helps in preventing defect recurrences.

Steps we go through while performing Manual testing of your product

We do the requirement analysis and then create a test plan based on the requirement analysis results. After that, comes the test case creation step which is followed by the test case execution. After execution, defect logging is done. And in the last step, the defect is fixed and the test process is verified.

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