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Astute Bot™ is the award-winning convers- -sational concierge that helps customers find what they need, whenever they need it. It provides a single platform for customer self-service across channels. It allows you to build the core functionality once and leverage your chatbot across multiple channels, tailoring as desired to fit each new channel. The back-end system is designed for business users (not IT or developers). Astute Bot powers self-service experiences via web chat, SMS, social messaging, mobile apps, and voice assistants.
Its innovative solutions & Bug-free software Astute Bot™ achieved: Gold 2019 Steve Winner (American businessman Awards)
Big Innovation 2019
National Innovation Award 2019
Silver 2018 Steve Winner (American businessman Awards)

Silver 2018 Steve Winner (American businessman Awards) This automatically leads them to services a few big brands like Dominos, Kelloggy’s, Blue Diamond Growers, Delta & much more.

the challenge

When we started working on the app, it was already live with random Live chat Handler tickets.We also analyzed multiple uncovered issues on live site which might affect the user interface of the website. Learn how AM QA Experts proprietary test automation framework improved 60% test automation coverage and reduced 75% testing efforts.

Proposed Solution

With successful collaboration with the Client, the team of QA Experts provided Standar- -dized test processes by implementing our test automation framework, checklists, guidelines, best practices along with reusable templates. These includes:

Performing the Exploratory testing on live application and uncover all issue.
Creation of Regression test suite to perform quick regression.
By continuous automated storyboard in JIRA to track the automation process, we Implemented end-to-end Continuous Integration and provided continuous feedback.

key deliverable

  • Improved quality assurance
  • Increased confidence in the software
  • Faster detection of defects
  • Better alignment with business requirements
  • More efficient testing process


The sprawling bot industry needs to deliver the best user experience in order to maintain it’s growth. A leading award-winning chatbot manufacturer wanted to automate its regression testing requirements to yield high customer satisfaction.


The Client’s New System Led The Way For Many Of The Businesses And Users That Are Looking To Get The Game's Built-in No Time. Despite The Complexity Of The Application & All Integrated Systems, The Performance Was Substantially Better Than Any Of Their Competitors & Never Displayed System Time-outs Or Long Wait Times For Customers. All These Resulted In Follows:

A Top Application In The World Of Hyper-casual Games.
Bug Ratio Reduced & The Application Is Doing Great In The Market.


One of the biggest challenges of this project was to provide solutions for fast delivery. The needs were simple: create fast to develop mobile apps, that could be deployed to a multitude of platforms. Our first solution was to use Unity, for fast prototyping. Our second solution was to create a new testing tool for UI driven test automation.