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Data Migration Testing

Data Migration Testing

Data Migration refers to moving the Legacy (old) data to Target (new) data source. Data Warehousing being an important errand for all sort of businesses in regards of the cost and performance. A process known as ETL (Extract Transform Load) is initiated, that gathers data from CRMs, Data Servers or any flat files transformed it while staging area and collected in Data Warehouse. It might fail sometime and results in loss of information, data. To prevent such losses, AMQAExperts suggests to opt for a Data Migration Testing, that adheres the strict rules and compliance with all the validity checks.

Data Migration Testing

AMQAExperts Fundamentals

  • Rendering Data Migration testing services to you for a secure and high performing data.
  • Immense experience with the data migration validation testing projects.
  • Calculated approach to ensure proper data quality at various phases of the ETL process.
  • Partnership with our global clients.
  • Completely flexible and Cost effective solution for your DW ETL testing needs to achieve desired results.

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