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Introduction Agile And Automation Process For Third Party Workflow Anagement Software


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Certa is the all-in-one third-party workflow platform. From supplier lifecycle management to the customer (KYC /AML) & partner validation, Certa is the only platform that allows enterprises to manage risk, compliance & operations of all third parties globally in one place.
Certa is now successfully delivering it’s services to over 50 of the world’s leading companies including Walmart, Facebook, UBER, VISA, WWT, ETSY, D&B, Oracle, ACCENTURE.

the challenge

Testing was complex due to a large number of real-time scenarios and the lack of documented real-time scenarios. Along with this, the application was in the initial stage of development and it was live for a few pilot projects. Since applic- -ations were developed in 4 phases there was no QA process involved while development. Testing was time-consuming because of the lack of stable test environment, documentation and complexity in coordination and testing of various product connectors.

Proposed Solution

Certa used AM QA Expert’s Testing help to automate its regression tests within an agile development process. To be able to introduce test environment best practices to ensure a stable environment we developed a comprehensive strat- -egy in collaboration with the client. By-

Performing the Exploratory testing on live application and uncover all issue.
Creating a complete agile QA process for development & Checklist of features to track the testing progress.
Performing Regression test suite to perform quick regression & automation process for regression and daily health Check.
Performing API testing and validated expected outcome of the apps on the cloud, with respect to the interface. agreement/contract agreement docs.
Ensure the quality of the portal from the lower environment throughout the sprint so that the same quality can be maintained on the higher environments as well.
To allocate the individual QA resources to each of the customers to dedicatedly take care of their customer’s instance.

key deliverable

  • Improved quality assurance
  • Increased confidence in the software
  • Faster detection of defects
  • Better alignment with business requirements
  • More efficient testing process


As a global Enterprise Workflow management provider with a huge number of enterprise clients Certa had to make sure that it’s Website delivered a consistent interface & proper functioning of all the features.


The Client’s New System Led The Way For Many Of The Businesses And Users That Are Looking To Get The Game's Built-in No Time. Despite The Complexity Of The Application & All Integrated Systems, The Performance Was Substantially Better Than Any Of Their Competitors & Never Displayed System Time-outs Or Long Wait Times For Customers. All These Resulted In Follows:

A Top Application In The World Of Hyper-casual Games.
Bug Ratio Reduced & The Application Is Doing Great In The Market.


Certa is now a leading and well known name in third-party management applications, all the clients are very glad to get the bug free releases consistently.
We have started moving failed stories back to “Development in-progress” so that the blockers can be fixed from the lower environments so that we can now be able to deliver 100% bug-free sprint release to the client.
Bug ratio reduced at around 60-70% on the live, & application is doing great in the market.
Due to well define the automation process, we are able to perform regression very quickly.
Every new feature is getting tested by the automation process.
Well defined regression process to prevent new issues.