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Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

Apart from compliance issues, Accessibility is a must for your web/mobile application even if it covers 1% of the differently-abled traffic compared to others. As a social responsibility, this for everyone including, visually impaired, cognitive hearing, and with motor limitations. It ultimately improves the brand image and increases the number of happy users.

AMQAexperts has a clear vision of treating every human being equal and fair by providing services of accessibility testing for your app. With immense knowledge of the accessibility regulation, we not only ensure but also take this in our best practices to upgrade and follow on a regular basis with every project.

Accessibility Testing
The Process:
  • Follow the testing protocols and rules.
  • The testing task of the app/website is prepared as per the client's requirement with proper resources.
  • Gathering all resources and requisites equipment with a care that helps in testing.
  • Usability testing via remote tests takes place.
  • Results are analyzed, optimized and recommended to the client

AMQAExperts Fundamentals

  • We surely follow the accessibility regulation.
  • Well-versed with tools for Accessibility testing – AChecker, WAVE, JAWS (Job Access with Speech) & Web Acc Checker.
  • Test plans and test scenarios are prepared in detail.
  • The entire process takes place under the supervision of our specialists.

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